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Gamers Are Lazy?

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This is one stereotype that really bogged me down during my own childhood. On the one hand, it’s unfair. Binging on Netflix and watching entire seasons of television at a time? Normal. Reading book after book after book? Admirable. Sinking hours into Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit? Everyone does it. Yet once you invest time into video games, suddenly you’re a lazy loser with no passions or life goals. Not to say that gaming is any better than other forms of media, but it certainly isn’t any worse. This laziness is often expressed as escapism. Of course, some people do find themselves addicted to video games because they offer a safe form of mental escape. However, isn’t that true of all forms of entertainment? Just as Netflix, books, and Reddit all provide a moment of fresh air in the busyness of life, so do video games.

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