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mods crash 9.14 on my computer please help!

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I have been playing wot for a year now and understand the basics of how to install a mod.  I updated to 9.14, when solo's mod pack updated for 9.14 I installed it.  My game stops responding when I would go to log on.  Ok I clearly installed something wrong so delete all the mods.  Reinstall the same mods and my game still crashes.  Ok maybe I messed up the download from solo's and have a bad file or something?  Delete solo's and download the whole mod pack again, crash again, delete all the mods, use less, crash again. (each time cleaning out my res mods folder/doing a clean install under the mod options.)  Lol ok must have been the game, lets delete wot and install again.  Reinstalled and I am able to play with no mods.  Ok so solos again.... crash.  Ok clearly its must be them so I try Odem Mortis mods. crash, crash, more crash.  Ok maybe is the high levels of mods that those two mod packs can run maybe?  Lets try Quicky babys mod pack... also crashes.  I can play with no mods but i cant understand why anything i try to run all the sudden just crashes the game. 

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