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World of Mods vehicles? Can we download?

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I've seen a lot of neat amazing vehicles and maps on World of Mods, but I can't seem to make them work. The site appears to be translated from Russian. Files here are not downloaded in .zip format, so If I just place them in the "mods" folder they simply dont show up in the game. I have tried placing the "vehicles" folder for each one in a folder named after the mod and then zipping it. No effect. Does anyone know how to make the game see mods from this site, or do the Russians simply have a different setup to the game that's incompatible with ours? Then unpack the archive with the car mod in the appropriate folder under the name of "vehicles". This folder contains the files that are responsible for the graphical representation, functional and technical characteristics of each car. On this installation of a new mod will be finished.


For More Reference

motion graphics examples

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