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A new statement on the official Mafia 3 website acknowledges that at launch, Mafia 3 will run at a maximum 30 frames per second on all platforms. As PC gamers, we know this is not an acceptable technical decision for the developers to make, especially in 2016, when the standard of console ports has finally begun to accommodate 60fps+ framerates, with many going above and beyond to support monitors with even higher refresh rates. With this announcement came a collective sigh from the Mafia community, as the series has historically run beautifully on PC, which was the lead platform of the original Mafia. This signifies a hard 30fps cap, which is likely something that can be disabled via modding. For years fans have unveiled patches that allow players to unlock framerate caps; games like Final Fantasy X, Tales of Zestiria, even classics like Super Mario Sunshine have been tampered with to permit smooth 60fps gameplay. The ultimate question is whether we, the Mafia modding community, can beat Hangar 13 in upping that cap. It could take weeks or even months for them to drop their official patch, so if any member of the Mafia modding community manages to get a fan-made patch or hotfix online, we’ll be the first to provide it to you. We feel optimistic about the possibility of a fan-made patch and will be digging into the files day 1 to see if their statement that the game has the ability to run at higher framerates holds any credence.


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