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What's the best rugby game available today ?

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If you specifically want a union one then Rugby Challenge 2 - it was released on PC but isn't on steam anymore, but you might be able to track it down. Don't waste your money of Rugby 15 or the Rugby World Cup 2015 game, they're horrendous.  Honestly, your best bet is to wait until Rugby Challenge 3 comes out some time in the next two months. The rugby challenge games have been the best we have had on offer since rugby 2008. Unfortunately they are not available on Steam any more. At the very least the new game will have licensed SA, Australia, New Zealand and England, Super Rugby and the Currie Cup (focusing on that since you are South African), and the 7s tournament. It will also have a career mode and a be a pro mode which will be quite interesting.  To be honest we don't really how those new features will pan out, but it's definitely your best bet. Don't touch anything made by Big Ben/HB studios.


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