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GTG Mods Team VS. World Of Mods?

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As we have stated we have started our first internet conflict. We don't think anyone was ever able to contact this "Slavaska" person on World Of Mods. This person has been reuploading mods from loads of users. If anyone was able to get into contact, then do not hesitate to tell us how! We have kindly asked them to take our mod of their website within a week, or we'll do so our selfs. Even no one has income from their mods, it's still unfair and by law it is stealing. No matter if it's free or not. Somebody just has to do something about it. Now, some of you may think that this is just ridiculous, and we don't blame you. But we are one of those white hats who like to get rid of black hats. White hats are the good people, and the Black hats are the bad people. At least that's how the inventors decided to put it.


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