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Mod websites, ones that are safe or unsafe, or if they have good quality mods?

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Im saying that there isnt any difference at all comparing those sites, they offer the same crappy mods and viruses, only the names are different. For safe and good mods the BeamNG forum is the only source.  BeamNG Forums and nothing else. Those other websites are trash. Especially the RuSsIaN ones, they don't give a for quality. They just: Steal and more steal. They even steal jbeams without fitting properly. I highly recommend not visiting third-party websites to download mods for BeamNG, unless you want to risk obtaining low-quality mods that may be outdated or viruses masquerading as mods. Yes, there are some decent-quality mods that aren't released here (even then, they have inaccurate performances and specs), but the truth is, these third-party websites are contaminated with mods that aren't properly done (models are slapped onto existing JBeam's and the JBeam's aren't modified, resulting in bad deformation) and they tend to upload mods from the forums to their sites.


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