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I just popped thru the other forums, And DELL-BOB, DELL- DELL-Karell  have been helping customers and solving problems on ALL OTHER active boards.. This not only is a royal Screew U to us 8600 WSXGA owners, but to all Dell customers needing assistance in this forum.  You see, If a Dell-Guy posts any response to a post here,  then it will be obvious that they are ignoring the WSGA problem. We should post on each of the other forums to let Dell know we aren't stupiid.     THIS ISSUE WILL NOT GO AWAY!  THE WSXGA HITACHI LCD is SUBTANDARD.  And Dell knows it. If you work for Dell, I get it, you want this topic to die.   If you're simply a zealous fellow, who hasn't been hurt by this issue and yet still feels the need to insert his 2-cents, please do all of us who were hurt.   Try not to offer blanket reasons why Dell isn't responding.  We're all grownups.  It is obvious Dell want no part of any of these 8600/WSXGA threads.  You needn't defend their lack of input.



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