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Have video-games become TOO mainstream?

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It seems to me the vast majority of video-game developers are much more likely to 'play it safe' and release titles that will virtually guarantee sales based on market trends, such is the size of the market and the data they can draw from it. The unwritten rule of video-games being an extension of art has long since been eroded, in my opinion. I think this has had a detrimental effect on the medium as a whole and stumped its growth. No longer is expression at the forefront of developer's minds. Instead, mass appeal has become the 'acid test'. I believe the video-game industry, as a whole, has been tainted by its monumental rise in popularity. Developers are far less willing to take risks and the result is a pool of similar ideas and similar games. I think the industry desperately needs a new era of innovation, but I don't think that will happen until there's another crash.


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