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playing THE NORTH with CC

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After several mod re-downloads and shuffling my mod order multiple times,and a war with a dictator<jk/lol>, i did get the 2 mods to work together.i downloaded the newest version i found. then reloaded to the newest beta version.

I also added the russian house,as it was newer than the NORTH version. i like having the debug active,not to cheat but its handy to check new mods out with.place CC above The North and turn off all other nordic mods(or you get small funny toolbar icons).with the NORTH above,the game errored and kicked me out.

     there are sveral differences. subtle changes to some map window terrain,some of the bushes look different,way the snow looks on fields and roads,deer look like reindeer but do not give fur only leather. the stat box has several changes: the calendar now reads by month not seasons and all the icons are shuffled around- food is where the firewood was,logs is where food was,etc. the profession's box has several additions to it, enough that the box is much larger. this covers where i usually have the stat window. opening a few buildings,i noticed the iron icon on the build menus has changed. we also now have a few extra icons under the remove toolbar- quick placeale hunter and crayfish catcher,as well as a firewood gatherer.

 For More Details

   Animated Web Explainer


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