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Mods and the older player

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I am an older player (about to enter my 7th decade) who enjoys this game  immensely, but I lack the necessary physical skills to be competitive with some assistance from Mods.  

I did not grow up in the digital age, so I lack the hand-eye skills that most of the younger players developed playing video games.  just laugh at my feeble efforts every time I try to pick up an X-box controller.  

When I first started on WOT, I found that I could gain some competence driving my tank, but I continued to have difficulty keeping my gun aimed on an enemy, especially if they were moving.

 I found OMC and auto-aim, and it really added to my enjoyment of the game and allowed me to continue to play it instead of giving up in frustration.  

Now, evidently auto-aim is considered illegal and I can't use it anymore, so I'll be back to being handicapped by my own age-related infirmities.

 For More Details

  3d medical video animation



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