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Gameboy color light modding

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I know it’s not exactly really hard to do .
But I don’t have the materials needed for it and in general my knowledge of the gameboy systems goes as far as replacing the screen .

I bought my gameboy strictly because I wanted to play the dancing furby game really badly but decided to buy a Pokémon game as well.
But I find that with my bad eyesight it’s just to hard to play and even a worm light doesn’t help much .

And that’s why I’m interested in finding someone willing to mod my gameboy for me if I shipped it to them.
The shell it’s in has been decorated by me so I would need someone who can do it without damaging the stuff I added to the shell .
And someone with proof of what they do and people who can vouch for them as I spent a lot more money than intended on the gameboy after finding out it needed a new screen and don’t want to loose it if that makes sense .

And thank you in advanced as this is all very new but interesting to me the closest I’ve been to playing around with technology is fixing non working furbys gameboys .

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