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Company of Heroes is better than Starcraft 2

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SC2 is too micro intensive. You can't even loop a unit build order or set of orders. I can't play like that. I tried the original online recently (free from Blizzard now minus the ladder). I lose every time. You have to concentrate on maybe up to 4 map location at once and be pinpoint accurate selecting units as you can't fit enough in a group. So broken. This should have been fixed in the sequel.

COH fixes this by having grouped units of up to 6 which can be replenished if at least one survives. It is Relic's patented rts system as I'm sure you all know. These have large shield icons which you can click or if you drag and just get one of their feet that is enough to select him. So your armies can be large and still easy to manage a bit like Total War games.

SC2 fights are just building up resources for ages then destroying each others giant army blobs in a few seconds, along with the ever pervasive ultra micro-ing. 

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