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Resident Evil 7 review: more old than new, but all terrifying

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For the most part, the Resident Evil games have followed the ongoing adventures of the likes of Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, and Leon Kennedy, who by this point have killed so many zombies and mutated monsters that it’s hard to imagine that any of it could faze them any more. It’s with that in mind that this game instead drops us into the head of a brand new character: Ethan Winters. His wife Mia went missing three years ago, and seemed lost for good, until an out-of-the-blue email from her tells him to come and find her at a Louisiana farm.

Predictably enough, he goes along, and equally predictably, all is not as it seems. The farmhouse is decrepit and rotting, Mia is nowhere to be found, and the Baker family don’t seem to be especially hospitable. They sit somewhere on the wrong side of Deliverance on the ‘murderous hillbillies’ scale, and are as demented as they are dangerous. It’s that crazy edge that really makes them work - rather than cold and calculating, they’re completely unpredictable, and the game finds some pretty consistently surprising things to do with them.


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