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What physical economy Forge mods would you suggest?

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      It's sad, but Quickshop, the Bukkit plugin I've used for years, has officially kicked... the... bukkit... pun... can't... resist... so anyway, with the Bukkit DMCA being a thing, and Cauldron seemingly not coming out with updates, I think our server needs to move fully into Forge, but that means some of the mods we've been heavily dependent on need to be replaced now as well, not the least of which are the economy plugins. We always used a combination of Vault, Essentials, Quickshop, ecocreature, and Blockbank to handle our economy, so now I'm on a quest to replace those elements with Forge mods. Here's a list of what I'd like to find. All mods must be 1.7.10 compatible, from developers you trust will update to 1.8 someday. Any suggestions would be welcome and greatly appreciated. A Physical coin mods: We already have Artifice coins and Millenaire deniers on our server. I hear IC2 has coins as well, but that mod would ruin our steampunk vibes.

Please help.


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