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Photography Floodland era?

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      For a book about postpunk/wave/goth 1980-1990 I'm also looking for photos of The Sisters of this era - basically because it's my own favourite era and the promotional photos are quite spread, I've noticed. However, it's still rather hard to trace down the photographers and HQ files (which is needed when printing in books obv.).  I'm basically looking for promophotos of Andrew and Patricia. I really love the shooting they did for the Dominion video and booklet.   Have you photographed the band around this time yourself OR do you know any photographers who did. Does anyone own the poster that was in the Dominion box? What photographer is mentioned in this release?  You have no clue what research is done apart from also dropping a message on a board like this one too. It could be the case someone (roadies?) on here ever was involved making that video / remembers from old magazines/promophotos who shot those. 


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