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Changes to 0.5.12 Public Test

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Economic changes announced in the development bulletin will be included in full. However, in addition, an experimental system for calculating the costs per battle was implemented. The biggest part of the costs is ship’s repairs. Its influence was growing more and more with the rise of the tier. As a result, at tier X, the economy forced the players to behave with maximum caution, which negatively affected the dynamics of the battle. After all, even with significant combat success, a complete destruction of the ship led to a huge repair bill that could completely neutralize the profits.  

The fee for the ship repair is now completely replaced by a fixed service charge. This means that the cost will not depend on how much damage a player has received. Moreover, we have reduced the cost of replenishing the ammunition (or air group) for a number of ships. The positive effect of the changes will increase with increasing tiers of the ships. This means that the players may try a more aggressive and risky playing style. The “to play with maximum efficiency at any cost, even being destroyed in battle” tactic will be an alternative to the “to play as carefully as possible so as not to come out of the battle with negative balance because of the repair costs” tactic. For example, the change will reduce the spending of tier X ships by an average of 50 000 credits and reduce the number of situations where you can go into negative with a premium account, having played effectively. We want to free the gameplay from the “not-gaming” question of “how much I will lose if dare to attack?”  


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