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Requesting Help with Camoflauges .xml

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Within the .xml there are references to tier 1,2 and 3 camo, economic camo and then it goes on to the specific special camos like GNB and there are annotations for premium camos towards the bottom.

My aim here is to disable the camo patterns to allow for historical skins so this includes everything bar the premiums. I've left the premium skins sections untouched apart from the Blyskawica, Warspite, Mikasa, Kamikaze and Dunkerque which I've altered to 0.000 at the end of each line in order to disable their apperance.

My only issue is, having disabled the tier 1, 2,3 and economic camos it seems to have disabled everything. Can someone explain the link these tier 1, 2 and 3 etc have on how the game links these to the camoflauges we can pick in game? If I know how the game interprets these settings it might allow me to get the results I'm looking for. Obviously I've changed something which just flat out disables everything without realising. 


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