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Little touches in video games which you love

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often it's the little details you notice in video games that stick with you the most. particular the ones that catch you by suprise.

like when a game responds to some little quirk of your play style unexpectedly e.g. in max payne when you're in the lift with the horrendous elevator music and if you shoot the little speaker in the roof max thanks you for it.

or like when you purposely do something you're not supposed to and the game rewards you for it e.g. in dishonored if you kill the male propaganda announcer heard throughout the city on the PA system, in the next level he's replaced with a female (who happens to be carrie fisher).

or just something more general - great delivery of dialogue like half life 2's "that's the old passage to Ravenholm. we don't go there anymore" line, i still get a little chill when i hear that. or a neat immersive graphical touch like that over-the-shoulder-when-you-run cam from the first gears of war, that blew my mind the first time i saw it.


For More Details

   animated campaign video

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