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How To Create A Server Economy With Forge Mods

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we're going to explain how to create a functional economy for your Forge-powered Minecraft server, explaining which mods to use and how to use them. We aren't going to get into every minute aspect of each individual mod, but I'll provide you with enough information to have a functioning economy, and you can play around with these mods at your leisure to tweak them for your needs.

Adding an economy to your server creates a whole new level of immersion that you simply aren't going to get without it. Having players own homes and trade resources is one thing, but allowing players to open stores and sell merchandise adds whole new dynamics to the game, and can greatly enhance the amount of fun your players are having on your server.

Finding good Forge economy mods... well... it sucks. Bukkit has tons of economy mods. Quick shop, Block Bank, Craft conomy... the options are limitless. You'd think Forge would have far superior economy mods, but sadly, if there's one thing the Forge community is really missing, it's economy mods. Until someone makes these sorts of mods for the community, Forge servers will not have the same economic functionality as Bukkit servers. It's a bummer, but hey, maybe a modder will see this thread and make one?


Please help.


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