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Changes to 0.5.12 Public Test

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All changes to the hull plating thickness, including the plating of battleships and destroyers, are cancelled. We analyzed statistics and feedback for this change and saw that it didn’t fully meet the objectives. Adjustments to the balance of the individual classes and tiers will continue to be necessary, but, thanks to the information obtained from the general test, we will be able to find a more accurate and effective solution and show it to you in one of the following versions;

Economic changes announced in the development bulletin will be included in full. However, in addition, an experimental system for calculating the costs per battle was implemented. The biggest part of the costs is ship’s repairs. Its influence was growing more and more with the rise of the tier. As a result, at tier X, the economy forced the players to behave with maximum caution, which negatively affected the dynamics of the battle. After all, even with significant combat success, a complete destruction of the ship led to a huge repair bill that could completely neutralize the profits.


    For More Details

   product launch animation


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