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Converting 3D models to 2D drawings.

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Since AutoCAD is useless and can not display linetypes when plotting 3d objects, my drawings look horrible and completely unaceptable when displayed as 2D views. No matter how an object is displayed, be it rendered, wireframe, hidden etc the drawings are not good enough to send to a client.
How can I produce a 2D view of my models retaining linetypes, showing hidden detail?
Flatshot doesn't work because you can not use clipping planes, even with them turned on the "flatshot" command still produces a 2D block of the whole model.  It also changes every object to be on layer '0'.  The hidden detail is also shown on layer '0' and therefore can not be easially turned off or manipulated as I require. It produces multiple lines even on a straight object, lines on top of lines, hidden detail behind solid lines.  Basically it turns a simple drawing into a mess of unworkable spaghetti.

Is AutoCAD capable of doing something as basic as converting 3D models to workable 2D drawings?  Retaining the linetypes we as drafters so carfully placed the 3d Solids on.
If anyone has used "Pro-Structures" you will know what I want AutoCAD to be cabable of.  I use that program a bit, but often get drawings done using 3D AutoCAD solids from clients and other offices.


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