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Rugby Game for iOS and Android

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 Im a designer for a (for now) undesclosed game studio focusing primarily on games for iOS and android devices. We may or may not have a great license to create a casual game based on our beloved game.

Having been a part of the forum for a very long time Id really like to know what you would like to see in a casual game for mobile devices. Obviously casual does not mean a full on rugby title or even sevens but something thats accesable to everyone, uses very basic commands, very enjoyable and something rugby fans would want to play while sitting on the bus, waiting for your girlfriend while she shops, or the ever popular game time on the dunny.

I want to create an addictive pick up and play game and id love your imput. Im the lead on the project so whatever ideas you have ill be sure to bring them to the table. And just so ya know. Ive played rugby for 29 years (age 4 to 33). Im from new zealand. Played for wellington, nz at age grade and played pro in europe since 2007 and even at international level so im confident to say i know rugby. 


For More Details

   business Motion Graphic examples

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