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I like many others have been disappointed with the lack of mod and mapping tools, the lack of dedicated servers and low player slots for the latest games in the COD series - the ones that use steam. ( That still didnt stop me buying them however as they are still great games ).

There are some people out there ( like me ) who like to spend most of there gaming time actually modding the game rather than playing it and because of this i have moved back to the older cod titles such as cod4 / cod5 who have a greater modding capability and 64 player dedicated servers.

I want to have a go at creating a different kind of mod for WAW ( have chosen WAW because of the limitations of the cod4 engine ) and was thinking about having a go at mod that is more like an MMO where players interact with each other and ai characters within the various game worlds, completing various challenges and gaining experience as they do so. Of course there would still be the FPS aspect that makes the cod games great.

I have looked into this and think a mod like this may be possible ( famous last words lol ) however it is a lot of work.

I would like to get some views and opinions on a mod such as this both from players, mappers & modders points of view in terms of the idea and if it would actually be possible.

   For More Details

  2d animation example


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