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20,000 downloads of illegal mod

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I'm not sure how to contact you other than this and I wanted to discuss some disturbing facts I have found from google. I just found out over 20,000 players have downloaded the illegal aimbot mod for ver 9.18.

When I bring it up on the forums or in game the automatic attack is that I have a low WN8. The problem with this is "duh" I obviously have a low WN8 when half of the NA player base is using an illegal aimbot mod.

I have dumped well over 500$ US into this game since I started playing, and now I find out that it is all money wasted because I refuse to cheat. I'm at a loss. I love playing tanks but Wargaming is clearly not addressing actual cheating, if they were there would not be 20,000 players downloading an illegal mod for the most recent version.

While I understand that you publicly can not admit to cheating on WOT I hope that you could at least communicate my concerns to your upper management. At this point there is zero reason for me to believe that anyone who has a high WN8 on WOT has earned it.


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