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[Mod] Inflation / Deflation Simulation 1.0

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The modification 'Inflation/Deflation Simulation" for the pc-simulation game 'Democracy 3' (Positech Games) represents a new, functional and almost realistic simulation for an inflation - and deflation process in a state.

By using this modification you will get a powerful tool to have the influence on specific processes of your state. Also your power potential to guide your state will be optimized.

Through an implemented simulation 'Money Supply' of the mod, it is possible to make more (government) influence on the 'economic cycle' and to take appropriate measures to optimize the control of the economy in a special situation.

Existing simulation components, for example the 'Purchasing Power' or the 'Investment', complete the modification and increase the depth of the simulation.

The player will be additionally required to avert a high inflation rate or a deflation and to detect any resulting risks for the state in time to avoid negative consequences for the economy and for the citizens/people of the state.


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