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Installing mod after download

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  I wasn't sure where to put the mods either at first, and where the windata folder was.  If you got your game from Steam, as I did, find the Steam folder in your program files.  Then in that folder, click on "steamapps".  Inside the steamapps folder, click on "common".  

In the common folder, you will see the Banished folder.  Click on it and then in that folder is the "windata" folder.  The windata folder is where you put the mods. If you didn't get the game from Steam, then it probably is more straight forward to find the windata folder.

You might already know this, but in case not, a faster way to get to the windata folder is to first have a shortcut to Banished on your desktop.  Then right click on it.  Click the "properties" button", then "open file location".  Then you will see the windata folder.


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