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What is the worst subculture in videogames?

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Videogames cover a lot of fanbases and subcultures. This can also lead to a lot of douchebags. Question here is which do you think is worse? Theres plenty to choose from. Griefers/server raiders, lockbox addicts who get very angry and defensive about their problem, the 'i'm robin hood proving the games flaws' cheaters with a hero complex to name a few.

Personally my most hated subculture is the "extreme collectors" that often tend to gravitate mostly around NES game collecting. The extremes of which involve people creating fake personas to scam kids dying of cancer, hiring hitmen to try and stop ebay auctions and commonly in europe hiring russian and chinese immigrants looking to get money for food to search flea markets for games the collectors already own so they can destroy them and 'increase the value of my investment'.

Last year there was a huge drama on display from them when a lone dude tired of their scumbag monopoly on the american NES collector circuit revealed had had cases of sealed NES games and was going to sell them all for a dollar as long as the buyer signed a contract to say they would open them play them and romdump them instead of sealing them in acrylic or something equally strange like the typical hardcore NES collectors do. Some of these games were estimated to be less than half a dozen in number in the wild before this and selling for up to 30,000 dollars each. Needless to say the same douchebags went crazy and tried to have him sued, threatened to kill him for 'crashing investments' and actually went on imageboards like 4chan trying to rally a hatemob against the guy for 'being an enemy of capitalism'.

Please help.


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