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Game Boy Pocket Power Led Mod question (simple)

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I'm looking for some help for the Game Boy Pocket, I did some research but didn't find anything helpful.
My question is really simple but I'm missing a multimeter at the moment so I can't test stuff alone until I get it back or buy a new one, so this is kinda the main reason I'm opening this topic, I'm in a hurry and I don't have the tools.

I want to replace the default red power led on a MGB, I already tried with a yellow one, it was working but not best and for best I mean: when batteries are 100%, led must BLIND me and when batteries are running out, led starts to fade. 
The yellow one was fading kinda good but not so "blinding" at full power, so I wasn't so happy with that.

I want to know what color can I change (I'm interested in white/blue mostly), what color I can just replace without modifying resistor or circuit or anything else, and what color needs additional changes in order to work (adding/modifying a resistor for example)

Something like: "If you want a green led just replace it with no problem", "If you want a white led grab Vcc from another source, add a resistor, solder the led in another spot, remove default led and add a resistor to those pins"..something like, detailed info about the led, everything I need to know about!

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