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Procedurally Generated Environments in Gaming

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 The title is not very specific so let me clarify what I mean. Imagine a modern RPG with an open world so large, it dwarfs any other game you can think of in the last fifteen years. I'm talking on the same scale as the Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall. This is, of course, theoretically impossible since there is not enough time on the planet for any development team to detail a game world of such magnitude. UNLESS the game had procedural generation. I know randomly generated environments are not very popular in gaming nowadays but let me explain.

There would be certain areas of importance in the world such as castles and cities which would remain the same in appearance for every player because they were created by hand by the developers. Those would be the game's main hubs for trade. The locations of minor areas (villages, dungeons) on the map would also remain the same for every player, although their appearance and set up would probably be randomly generated as well. But as soon as the player ventures out into the wilderness, the environment before them becomes an unpredictable landscape unique to every player. 

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