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  1. Hi, Play-Mod is a blog about mods, independent video games and video games in general, and everything related to these three themes. Play-Mod is the blog where we talk about mods, plugins and other patches to modify, improve, optimize and debug many PC video games. Play-Mod brings together news and news on mods . Play-Mod is also advice and tutorials to create your mods, tests and of course trailers and videos of mods . Play-Mod is not for profit. If you see ads, it's only to pay for the server on which this site is hosted (and by the time it costs me nothing, there is a margin). For More Details brand marketing video
  2. Hi, Since AutoCAD is useless and can not display linetypes when plotting 3d objects, my drawings look horrible and completely unaceptable when displayed as 2D views. No matter how an object is displayed, be it rendered, wireframe, hidden etc the drawings are not good enough to send to a client. How can I produce a 2D view of my models retaining linetypes, showing hidden detail? Flatshot doesn't work because you can not use clipping planes, even with them turned on the "flatshot" command still produces a 2D block of the whole model. It also changes every object to be on layer '0'. The hidden detail is also shown on layer '0' and therefore can not be easially turned off or manipulated as I require. It produces multiple lines even on a straight object, lines on top of lines, hidden detail behind solid lines. Basically it turns a simple drawing into a mess of unworkable spaghetti. Is AutoCAD capable of doing something as basic as converting 3D models to workable 2D drawings? Retaining the linetypes we as drafters so carfully placed the 3d Solids on. If anyone has used "Pro-Structures" you will know what I want AutoCAD to be cabable of. I use that program a bit, but often get drawings done using 3D AutoCAD solids from clients and other offices. For More Details commercial video marketing
  3. Hi, I've been struggling with this for many years. I'm always floored by Floodland when I listen to it, but it's the only Sisters album that I like. On the other hand, The Cure are my favorite band, and Seventeen Seconds, ography and Disintegration are all very awesome goth albums. A big part of me wants to give the title to one of those Cure albums because of their status as my favorite band, but lately I've been finding it harder to justify it like that. If one of their albums strikes you as the best goth album, go ahead and mention it. For More Details animated industrial product video
  4. Hi, This has turned all the gun sounds of Mafia 2 into Mafia 3. Listening to the classic sounds of Mafia 2 weapons in Mafia 3 is nostalgic. I have not modified all the sounds of the weapons, but I have decided to raise my advance. Very soon I will upload the finalized mod. For More Details animated startup explainer
  5. Hi, Any news from Sidhe or HB about a new rugby game? The phrase 'the next generation of rugby games' sort of signals for new releases, but one can only dream. If only rugby games were released as often as football games eh. But if anyone has got any new news or anything then I'd love to know please! Somehow I think the next one will be 2015 when people start exploiting the game for money.. Please help. Thanks! I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References: https://www.therugbyforum.com/threads/any-news-on-new-rugby-games.29548/ Corporate Promo Video
  6. Hi, All changes to the hull plating thickness, including the plating of battleships and destroyers, are cancelled. We analyzed statistics and feedback for this change and saw that it didn’t fully meet the objectives. Adjustments to the balance of the individual classes and tiers will continue to be necessary, but, thanks to the information obtained from the general test, we will be able to find a more accurate and effective solution and show it to you in one of the following versions; Economic changes announced in the development bulletin will be included in full. However, in addition, an experimental system for calculating the costs per battle was implemented. The biggest part of the costs is ship’s repairs. Its influence was growing more and more with the rise of the tier. As a result, at tier X, the economy forced the players to behave with maximum caution, which negatively affected the dynamics of the battle. After all, even with significant combat success, a complete destruction of the ship led to a huge repair bill that could completely neutralize the profits. For More Details product launch animation

    Hi, so today is a special day for me, because it was today, one year ago when i released my first ever texturemods for Rocket League. It has been a really cool time in this first year and to celebrate that and keep things alive i decided to give you one more release. And be sure, that it wasn't the last for this year. There is some huge stuff i am working on and i actually can't wait to drop it and see your reactions! Whatsoever, I really want to thank all of you for the support over this first year and I hope to keep things up even when Psyonix doesn't want to give us modders some attention! For More Details video advertising campaign
  8. Hi, we're going to explain how to create a functional economy for your Forge-powered Minecraft server, explaining which mods to use and how to use them. We aren't going to get into every minute aspect of each individual mod, but I'll provide you with enough information to have a functioning economy, and you can play around with these mods at your leisure to tweak them for your needs. Adding an economy to your server creates a whole new level of immersion that you simply aren't going to get without it. Having players own homes and trade resources is one thing, but allowing players to open stores and sell merchandise adds whole new dynamics to the game, and can greatly enhance the amount of fun your players are having on your server. Finding good Forge economy mods... well... it sucks. Bukkit has tons of economy mods. Quick shop, Block Bank, Craft conomy... the options are limitless. You'd think Forge would have far superior economy mods, but sadly, if there's one thing the Forge community is really missing, it's economy mods. Until someone makes these sorts of mods for the community, Forge servers will not have the same economic functionality as Bukkit servers. It's a bummer, but hey, maybe a modder will see this thread and make one? Please help. Thanks! I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/support/server-support/tutorials-and-faqs/2554147-how-to-create-a-server-economy-with-forge-mods startup animation explainer
  9. Hi, It seems to me the vast majority of video-game developers are much more likely to 'play it safe' and release titles that will virtually guarantee sales based on market trends, such is the size of the market and the data they can draw from it. The unwritten rule of video-games being an extension of art has long since been eroded, in my opinion. I think this has had a detrimental effect on the medium as a whole and stumped its growth. No longer is expression at the forefront of developer's minds. Instead, mass appeal has become the 'acid test'. I believe the video-game industry, as a whole, has been tainted by its monumental rise in popularity. Developers are far less willing to take risks and the result is a pool of similar ideas and similar games. I think the industry desperately needs a new era of innovation, but I don't think that will happen until there's another crash. For More Details animated corporate promo
  10. Hi, At first, I was a little afraid of it. I only watched my dad play at first. I didn't like the sound the game made when Mario died. It was too intimidating to try playing by myself. My dad explained the buttons and how to exit a level by pushing start & select. At first, I would only play Yoshi's Island 2, the beginning part where you bowl over like 10 koopas with one shell. After I did that I would immediately exit the level, restart the level and do it again. With time, I got brave enough to beat the whole level. Then I went on to beat the game. For More Details Corporate Promotional Video
  11. Hi, often it's the little details you notice in video games that stick with you the most. particular the ones that catch you by suprise. like when a game responds to some little quirk of your play style unexpectedly e.g. in max payne when you're in the lift with the horrendous elevator music and if you shoot the little speaker in the roof max thanks you for it. or like when you purposely do something you're not supposed to and the game rewards you for it e.g. in dishonored if you kill the male propaganda announcer heard throughout the city on the PA system, in the next level he's replaced with a female (who happens to be carrie fisher). or just something more general - great delivery of dialogue like half life 2's "that's the old passage to Ravenholm. we don't go there anymore" line, i still get a little chill when i hear that. or a neat immersive graphical touch like that over-the-shoulder-when-you-run cam from the first gears of war, that blew my mind the first time i saw it. For More Details animated campaign video
  12. Hi, The latest update to rugby Nations 15 features a brand new LIVE GAMES mode. With the Six Nations in full flow, we are pretty excited about this! Our LIVE GAMES are a real-time global game mode where you help your team reach world domination by playing during the event and getting a win. Throughout the tournament our Live Games will be Six Nations themed so will run alongside the games in real life. The idea is that you pick and play as one of the two teams playing in the Live Game (the team that you want to win, you can take part as many times as you want and the more you play the more influence you will have on whether your team win or lose! This thread is for you guys to discuss the Live Games, share your scores, experiences, feedback - anything Live Games related! For More Details Corporate Whiteboard
  13. Hi, It’s kind of crazy that Minecraft is one of the best-selling video games of all time, isn’t it? What’s even crazier is that the game is still immensely popular, likely due to the fact that you can modify the game in so many cool ways to keep it fresh day after day. I shouldn’t be surprised that Minecraft Forum has over 4.2 million members and 28 million posts, but I am. That makes it larger than most online gaming communities, let alone ones that are dedicated to a single game. Very impressive, I have to say. At any given time, Minecraft Forum has hundreds of members browsing through it along with thousands of unregistered guests. Anyone who’s a big fan of Minecraft should really join in and participate. Please help. Thanks! I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/big-gaming-forums-video-game-talk/ Brand Animation Video
  14. IGN Boards

    Hi, Though IGN as a website covers all kinds of media entertainment, its main focus rests on gaming. News and reviews make up the core of its content, but it also publishes less serious content from time to time, such as Easter Egg finds and opinion pieces. Similarly, IGN’s forums span all kinds of topics beyond video games, including anime, comics, sports, hardware, and even current events. But gaming is its heart and soul, and there’s no shortage of discussions to take part in here. The IGN Boards don’t have the same level of granularity as, say, the GameFAQs boards, so it may feel a bit chaotic and disorganized. However, the IGN community is marginally nicer and more mature than other gaming communities, which is definitely a point in its favor. For More Details Corporate Motion Graphics Video
  15. IGN Boards

    Hi, as a simple commitment to the community I'd like to start a list of software (excluding Compiler's and IDE's) for beginning indie developers. that is either free or available for a relatively low price. Currently it's just a list of few titles that came to my mind, but please post cuggestions to this list, so we can make it as complete as possible! For More Details Brand Animation Video
  16. GameFAQs

    Hi, GameFAQs launched back in 1995, making it one of the oldest gaming-related websites to survive 20 years on the Internet. It started as a repository of user-written walkthroughs and FAQs for all kinds of games, but eventually expanded to include other aspects like reviews and forums. GameFAQs is somewhat unique in that it dedicates a separate message board to every single video game in its database. So, for example, if you want to discuss League of Legends, then you’ll have to visit that game’s page to get to that specific board. You can also visit the main boards if you want to discuss topics that aren’t specific to a single game. There you’ll find system-specific boards (e.g. Xbox 360), special interest boards (e.g. game design), and other boards unrelated to gaming. For More Details Business Whiteboard Examples
  17. Hi, with the Bukkit DMCA being a thing, and Cauldron seemingly not coming out with updates, I think our server needs to move fully into Forge, but that means some of the mods we've been heavily dependent on need to be replaced now as well, not the least of which are the economy plugins. We always used a combination of Vault, Essentials, Quickshop, ecocreature, and Blockbank to handle our economy, so now I'm on a quest to replace those elements with Forge mods. Here's a list of what I'd like to find. All mods must be 1.7.10 compatible, from developers you trust will update to 1.8 someday. Any suggestions would be welcome and greatly appreciated! A mod that would allow us to customize mob drops, with physical mod items (coins) dropping from hostile mobs. Has to be configurable of course. For More Details Corporate Motion Graphics Video
  18. Hi, Within the .xml there are references to tier 1,2 and 3 camo, economic camo and then it goes on to the specific special camos like GNB and there are annotations for premium camos towards the bottom. My aim here is to disable the camo patterns to allow for historical skins so this includes everything bar the premiums. I've left the premium skins sections untouched apart from the Blyskawica, Warspite, Mikasa, Kamikaze and Dunkerque which I've altered to 0.000 at the end of each line in order to disable their apperance. My only issue is, having disabled the tier 1, 2,3 and economic camos it seems to have disabled everything. Can someone explain the link these tier 1, 2 and 3 etc have on how the game links these to the camoflauges we can pick in game? If I know how the game interprets these settings it might allow me to get the results I'm looking for. Obviously I've changed something which just flat out disables everything without realising. For More Details Business Whiteboard Examples
  19. Hi, Are there any decent games where you pilot an air or space craft to dogfight your enemies? I’m thinking back playing X-Wing or TIE Fighter on the PC. Good times. I don’t want it online multiplayer or with 10 million controls and options. I’d just like a game where you’re flying around trying to shoot down your enemies. Thanks! I didn’t find the right solution from the Internet. References:https://www.theverge.com/2016/6/17/11966462/whats-a-good-airplane-or-spaceship-dogfighting-game-for-ps4 Branding Motion Graphics Example
  20. Hi, Economic changes announced in the development bulletin will be included in full. However, in addition, an experimental system for calculating the costs per battle was implemented. The biggest part of the costs is ship’s repairs. Its influence was growing more and more with the rise of the tier. As a result, at tier X, the economy forced the players to behave with maximum caution, which negatively affected the dynamics of the battle. After all, even with significant combat success, a complete destruction of the ship led to a huge repair bill that could completely neutralize the profits. The fee for the ship repair is now completely replaced by a fixed service charge. This means that the cost will not depend on how much damage a player has received. Moreover, we have reduced the cost of replenishing the ammunition (or air group) for a number of ships. The positive effect of the changes will increase with increasing tiers of the ships. This means that the players may try a more aggressive and risky playing style. The “to play with maximum efficiency at any cost, even being destroyed in battle” tactic will be an alternative to the “to play as carefully as possible so as not to come out of the battle with negative balance because of the repair costs” tactic. For example, the change will reduce the spending of tier X ships by an average of 50 000 credits and reduce the number of situations where you can go into negative with a premium account, having played effectively. We want to free the gameplay from the “not-gaming” question of “how much I will lose if dare to attack?” Please help. Thanks! I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/62618-changes-to-0512-public-test/ Corporate Explainer Examples
  21. Hi, So there is a rather large group of people that enjoy putting custom content into their games. See Games such as Grand Theft Auto, Any of the Source Engine games, Unreal Tournament 2k4, or The Elder Scrolls series. There are many more but I feel that these are the most prominent. Now with that said - Would you want people to modify your game? or add new unofficial content into it. Yes? No? I am linking a video about the subject and why it can be important for an indie dev as well as the AAA dev. Please help. Thanks! I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References: https://forum.unity.com/threads/question-do-you-want-people-to-mod-your-game.241014/ Business Motion Graphics Example
  22. Hi, A "game engine" is defined as a framework which incorporates more than one of a number of facilities that are of importance to game development, including graphics, I/O, networking, file system, physics, GUI and scripting. A "complete game solution" denotes a system integrating at least graphics, physics, input, gui, network and scripting; that is, the major requirements of most (Indie) games. A full game engine will expose an API and provide the option of full programmatic control. Therefore solutions made explicitly for non-programmers, such as Rad3D, are left out. For More Details Business Whiteboard
  23. Hi, A new once-a-week Minecraft video series has arisen from my YouTube Channel. Every week on a SUNDAY, a new Mod Spotlight type video, official name "Mod Mania", is released. Basically, the first few videos will be mod spotlights for the smaller mods, then later, the larger mods will be explained. :smile.gif: The first video is about 2 mods, the "Timber" mod and the "Backpack" mod, two of the smallest and my favourite mods out. Does Treecapitator have a 1.8 version yet? nice idea for a new series, Python! Animated Product Videos
  24. Hi, I usually play on the Asia server and am active on the forums over there (and /u/syanda on the WoWS subreddit). I've been making a bunch of KanColle login video mods, and I'm crossposting them over here to share them with the NA community. All the login video mods feature audio that will play over the default login music (which is virtually inaudible). There's a known issue - if you disconnect or log out from the port screen to the login page, it'll play the default login music instead of the modded music (and will play the modded music if you alt-tab to desktop). I'm unsure of how to solve this at the moment. 2.5. Third video is the same as the second login video, but instead of being TV size, has animation that runs for the full 5 minute duration of the full song. Video quality is unfortunately poorer. Video and audio. animated training videos
  25. Hi, I would like to know if the draft region is taken as a part in the engine like a kind of collision mesh. After a little speculation on the BTR, i found out, that if i set the needed parameters (and the H1 and H2 above the vehicles floor plate), it obstructs on-land vehicle movements, as if the collision mesh would now be set just to the base wheel "ground level" posing like an movement retarder. Just like it would apply the draft region on the ground too. (been experimenting, s if i set the wheel suspension minimum under zero (so under the wheel "ground level") and suspension stiffnes so high, that it barely moves the wheels upwards, no drag is present, doe any boulder or rock higher the actual "ground level" makes it drag and reduces the speeds dramatically (in my engine settings to 8-4 km/h) as any terrain incline too). If it is taken as a collision mesh for classical ships, is there (or could there be) a way to define another height parameter (from conus tip to the vehicle-base plate) to witch it would ignore collisions with the terrain ? Please help. Thanks! I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References: https://forum.outerra.com/index.php?topic=2337.0 2D Explainer Video