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  1. An english version ?

    I'm no native english speaker either, but in case you're also intending to release a german version some (probably rather far away) day, I can probably help you. But you're right, if you released a premature un-english version most hardcore-fans would only play through the game to shoot with a zat and ignore all books if untranslated, which would be a shame of course. But as long as you intend to translate it one day, I'll enjoy waiting
  2. An english version ?

    mois, je parle assez francais (pardon, cedille, je sais, mais mon clavier est allemand...) pour comprendre la plupart, mais j'ai seulement les versions allemands et anglais de morrowind, et dommagement l'envoy via ebay.fr coute chère... mais je serais content si vous seulement ferriez le plugin stargate marcher sans traduire tous les dialogues, si c'est un option pour vous. alors, le projet semble promisant, continuez comme ca (i speak enough french to understand most of it, but i only own the german and english versions of morrowind and envoy at ebay.fr is expensive IMHO... but I would really appreciate it if you could make the plugin stargate work on one of these versions without necessarily translating the dialogues, if that is an option for you. anyway, promising project, keep up the good work )