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  1. Althor improvements

    thanks jojo83i . I reupload video, when i fix some graphic artefact, i will add this in the modder set Confridín, now we can use Atlantis gate with this dial device (i will retexture it soon)
  2. Althor improvements

    "I was whole night inventing, and then finally invented. The neck protector!" Prof. Farnsworth video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GOKUb5cwtU p.s dial device ver 0.2 for Atlantis / Universe gate p.p.s buttons now doesn't have glyphs, it is replaceable texture on dial device. no more need to do different sets of buttons !
  3. Althor improvements

    up4 is ready now ,starship included in test.esp plugin little bit more, and It will fly in hyperspace
  4. Althor improvements

    thank you Gray Wolf, i think there no more things to cardinally improve so daily works awaits me, and my 3d engine still buggy and unfinished plenty thing to do
  5. Althor improvements

    up4 (almost done) new upcoming update will add gate's incoming and closing animation
  6. Althor improvements

    Confridín, yes you may. stop asking me. you can also modify it the way as you want p.s new update fixes problem with black lit chevrons also i have remade dialing sequence video with original gates.
  7. Althor improvements

    SeiKen, i already have one unfinished project, so i don't want to start an another one ( at least not alone ) "You are a great modeler and animator", thanks for the trust,but obviously, it is overstatement
  8. Althor improvements

    Confridín, forget about Destiny as we told earlier with Gray Wolf: it can be twin ship ( not same design ,but uses a same technologies and new gate) somewhere in a Pegasus galaxy (possibly docked on a shipyard, finished, but isn't launched) it is a good way not to interact with SGU story line
  9. Althor improvements

    actually it isn't a work, it is a fun for me
  10. Althor improvements

    Gray Wolf, i know about Garry's Mod. i don't want to do anything with it. it doesn't interesting to me. "you could have your work seriously loved.", Gray Wolf, please, i don't want to gain someone's respect or love.it's not my purpose
  11. Althor improvements

    does any chances that we can use it ? or it will be useless, and i better stop doing this ?
  12. Althor improvements

    yes it is. is it good or bad ?
  13. Althor improvements

    does it become better with a new texture or not ?
  14. Althor improvements

    Synchronization code, as good as simple float secpass if ( sg_gatesyn == 0 ) set secpass to GetSecondsPassed if ( secpass != sg_grot ) set sg_gatesyn to 1 else set sg_grot to GetSecondsPassed return endif endif gate re-textured, video re-uploaded PLEASE don't comment me there video 1024x768 px in HD (40mb)... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WycmuPkEKOA
  15. Althor improvements

    Gray Wolf, on the video above, gate consist of two rings and eight markers. all this objects rotation must be synchronised. but for group of them (those who rendered before controller ) animation start or ends on the next frame ,and you can see difference in their positioning (like disappearing symbols on the gate that already dialled). they are simply lagging from rings for one frame.
  16. Althor improvements

    Gray Wolf, i will think about porting this to Fallout 3 you can speed up this process by helping me to solve problem with de-synchronisation: how do synchronise two objects rotation (in different frames) (avoiding "child object"->setangle ) <frame start> <objects with old animation params> <controller start/stop animation> <objects with new animation params> <frame end>
  17. Althor improvements

    special for you, Gray Wolf . fully operational Destiny gate ...link now below video(16MB) p.s there are a bug can be noticed: on low fps video (less than 60), markers and gate rotation are de-synchronising still nothing can to do with that
  18. Althor improvements

    message ? about stargate. i have already read it, and answered it
  19. Althor improvements

    Gray Wolf, all gates what i made compatible between each other (scripts) and supports original mod gate codes for each symbol (even dial by dhd, no difference in 39 or 36 symbols system) Destiny's gate. i know how to finish it but i am not sure where we can use it. personally from me, i have a few suggestions
  20. Althor improvements

    video (15MB) ...link now below
  21. Althor improvements

    Confridín, as i said earlier you guys can count on my help with modeling, animation and new ideas of course. on this moment, i have original stargate model , working Atlantis gate (RC) model, and Destiny gate (Alpha) model too. i updated texture (symbols remake) in sg-adapt_3, this archive contains mesh files for original model. Original gate model is free to use
  22. Althor improvements

    Gray Wolf, i use it in a same way but my model is not a "fake" so every symbol dialled by dhd placed in correct place, but for now, previously dialled symbols not stay on their places like in a film (don't know how to solve this problem) p.s. it is not a trick it is common solution
  23. Althor improvements

    you are meant symbols on gate (texture). new version is _3 ?. it may absent in editor (in preview mode) but it always present in game by the way if you save with previous version in cell and load with new version of a-mod, game will work incorrect and some items may disappear
  24. Althor improvements

    Katan-Amn, what ?
  25. Althor improvements

    First, if you noticed, it is not finished. It is operational but not enough close to original Second, i don't want you to use it in way that can be spoil original idea ... so we need to talk about it at first p.s i know about urls & links, and i am not sure i want it to be click-able