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  1. Althor improvements

    Testing sg`s puddle animation Video file
  2. Althor improvements

    I am just shirk my daily work
  3. Althor improvements

    without a proper help i will close this direction for awhile
  4. Althor improvements

    Voir un message privé
  5. Althor improvements

    KobeBryant, utiliser ce site translate.google.com

    6 month passed. Result: undetermined, yet. Overall progress 0%. RIP ?
  7. Aide à la traduction

  8. Althor improvements

    only one thing that i dislike in your model it is that from top view it looks like "radiation's warning sign" anyway, thanks. But my problem with imagination become apparent in lack of mapping So my model isn't complete, unlike yours
  9. Althor improvements

    i can't get myself together (without modding somebody else's model)
  10. Althor improvements

    omg... yes, i didn't think about it before i don't know if problem will appear with backward compatibility( 2.0 > 1.1)
  11. Althor improvements

    the text, it is Text_to_translate.doc
  12. Althor improvements

    Excellent !,Shiam At first, i need a translation of these books ; SG_Bk_Zachary01..02.03.04 SG_Bk_RetourSg SG_Bk_excaveDwemer If you don't want to messing with TESC, i will attach texts of these books to the next post. Take your time. I am not in hurry And you can translate them in the order you want
  13. Althor improvements

    Since, Confridín has opened new topic for translation mod on English, i will be very appreciate if anyone begin translation with books (some of them). it will be very useful for me because i have almost completed translation prev. ver. of mod on Russian (but without books)
  14. Althor improvements

    By the way, Stargates isn't means technology, many worlds in sg-1 or Atlantis series doesn't have any trace of science. There are live simple people which knows nothing about sg-things
  15. Althor improvements

    I am afraid, no. I have some ideas how to start quest, how to travel into Pegasus galaxy and find shipyard with Destiny 2.0 ship ( http://alxshipyards.deviantart.com/art/destiny-texture-wip2-160973493 ) But this mod must have at least dozen of worlds for visit and explore before player can solve main quest puzzle. And i haven't find any help on the FullR forum (russian forum related to morrowinds mod) ,so i dont know. Maybe after i will translate sg mod to my language, more people can play it and some will come with new ideas.