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  1. Althor improvements

    guess what? yes it is a new toy. I made the Atlantis gate. who knows what is next ... maybe Destiny ? video www.makpo.ru/f3/agate.mp4
  2. English Version

    Confridín , SeiKen can you share with me with English texts (that have been already translated)?. i want translate them to my language and then give it to you back so you can insert it in localized version of the mod
  3. Althor improvements

    Sunticah quest is complete now ,also new gate animation was added
  4. Althor improvements

    Fully operational stargate model is available now p.s. Confridín i have no idea why are your system can't find this texture, for last two updates it is present in my archive.
  5. Althor improvements

    read the file Warnings.txt in game main directory, be sure that files TorusWCMap.tga aringWCMap.tga can be found in folder data files\Textures
  6. Althor improvements

    sorry i send wrong texture to archive, fixed, try again p.s. i have a little progress with a gate animation export
  7. Althor improvements

    Hallowed are the Ori, i made it new model stargate placed in Mezhchanus only for testing p.s Suntican is not finished yet p.p.s now i stuck with animation
  8. Althor improvements

    Confridín, by the way i almost done with a new stargate model, and soon i try to map and animate it (new model has same count of polys as old ,and if i succeed it will looks much better)
  9. Althor improvements

    Gray Wolf, so that is why i hate all this stuff with Z-weapon, L grenade and other thing. without this sg first idea (original film) with gods perfectly fits on Morrowind. and without Goaulds also. Ra is not Goauld. my first idea when i saw yours mod, was that Dwarves build their own stargate prototype (based on some outside info or excavations sites) and used in a time of war
  10. Althor improvements

    Confridín, yes you are right. problem is what i can't re-save original mod (it will broke it, and there are no sense because i am only altering original mod) cool, i finally got working version of Nif utilities for 3d max, and i am capable now of export/import things to do p.s you really mess with sunticah. First because eight symbol address lead us to an other galaxy, and second from there no longer possible dial standard 7-symb addresses in "Nirn" galaxy. No offense. i hope i will fix it soon
  11. Althor improvements

    hmm, found a problem with my new Sunticah quest. Does anybody knows how replace thing (object) that present in main mod and absent or moved in addition mod ? (without joining mods together) (move the gate, save in editor, load game - get two gates nearby)
  12. Althor improvements

    thanks. video on request (on youtube now ) Morrowind
  13. Althor improvements

    thanks, and yes, i am glad to help your team. By the way i only corrected existed scripts so they work as much close to "real" stargate as i can p.s. i have very good 3d model of Stargate but without texture. i am hoping someone from your team can correctly map it and export to game. maybe not for mod but personally for me ? final chevron isn't correct, but back side of the gate made perfectly