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  1. English question.

    Ok thank's for help What i can tell, this mod is very great and i just expect the next mod u guys are attempting to release, keep the good job and i will reply here in the future if i need more help
  2. English question.

    Yes, i done event on virgo the quest to prove i am worthy, and now they like me again, what i didn't know was that i have to go back at frivol on nirn to get other quests Thanck's alot for help I will post if else will go wrong :D
  3. English question.

    Sorry for double posting, but no one knows any more what to do? after arrive with goa'uld ship on the noeronuh and go trought the gaye on quila with the guard, i am stuck, not know what to do more
  4. English question.

    Yes it was helpful, i can say nothing but thank's again man, i went far in the quest, now i am at the goa'uld ship with that friend in hyperspace and arriving at nueronuh again i presume after arriving on planet and exit temple, that i must go with the guard on the gate before the planet is destroyed, and i need a hint, after that what i need to do or to go to continue the quest?
  5. English question.

    It works, thank's alot Now, i may look stupid, but i got stuck in other 2 things, is probably of the "much" french i know xD 1. On virgo i got stuck, let me explain what i do and where i get stuck: after coralis, next planet and the second i go is virgo, i speak with that lady when arrive, after crossing the bridge i speak to her again, se sugest me i see thenas (or what it's name exactly) in the main house, i do that, than he sugest me go to speak to nei senz (or what it's name exactly) at the top level of administrative building, i do this to, than how i am redirected i visit my appartment in common house, than i speak with boat seller, i buy his boat, i try to activate the boat (that sunk and broken one) as i am sugested, is not working as it's normal, i speak boat seller again, and after this i dunno what to do, i go again on the persons i speaked before, nothing, i dunno what to do anymore to finish the plannet quest... 2. On nueronuh after speaking to all people inside that ship (as i saw outside is a goa'uld ship) and outside, the same, i got stuck, i dunno what to do, i see an entrance to a building or something, but i can't access it bechause is blocked by a big rock, and neither the ring platform under the stargate, i can't find the activation pannel for it.. Remember that with all persons i speaked all chat topics bechause i don't undersand the language so i was sure i speaked all i need Tell me if u guys can, even the order of planets i should visit and do their quests, and i will ask here where i will get stuck.. P.S.: till now not found not even one goa'uld or jaffa or goa'uld weapons, and nothing except many electic harpoons and a couple of items..
  6. English question.

    Ok, thanks alot guys for help, if i will get stuck in something else, i will ask in the same topic so i will not make else unnecesarry topics. And try to check that bug i told u guys, to se if is really a bug or is a problem only at my game.
  7. English question.

    Thanks alot man Now who knows how i make the rings in ruin on coralis to work?
  8. Hi, can someone tell me all the adresses of the stargate, including the adress to return back on earth, and how can i fix the ring platform in the ruin on the first planet, thatone with the dhd in the tower? Please help.. P.S.: Virgo has a bug in common house, if u enter u cannot exit, u press "e" on the door but nothig happens.