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  1. thanks, Gray Wolf

    yes it doesn't shows much :) , because nothing is predetermined, yet

    and it is my first try to make a video clip, so i am strongly worrying, because it is quite muddled


    Morrowind Stargate has a "future", indeed, and as i wrote in one forum: " it is good base for modding because any quest even without connection to SG, can be adapted for that"

  2. Confridín, by the way, i have a suggestion for the ver 2.0 :

    first, erase a source script code from the master file (using special programme), and second, add a "kill switch" code in some vital scripts, so player can't manually (by console) teleport to some quest locations (worlds) or discover its gatecode by editor, bypassing quest logics

  3. Confridín, also i want to ask you: was Mezhchanus once used by Dwemers or not ? If it is, i want you to add there connection to my quest story in a form of letter ( this letter says what chimers troops getting closer to gate site...and commands to all dwemers return to Nirn for defense and evacuation procedure. also one team must go to evacuation site and prepare it. letter end with 8 chevron address ). and this: does Mezhchanus like a space station drifting in space ? if it is, i suggest to leave there ( and enhance) "gate powering up" stuff as means to dial another galaxy (8 chevron address)

  4. ok,it might take some time .. so i will update my post several times

    at first: i admit, there some incompatibility in different versions of 3.xx plugin

    and in this files sg-adapt.esp sg-TEST.esp also. Also there are a "memory" effect present: game stores in savegames, script vars for objects, so when scripts are changing game runs saved scripts with errors. This incompatibility can break all changes i made in Sunticah Quest, so that quest is needed to be rewrite. so ... (below)



    script sg_incoming is used for starting incoming animation in earliest version. now it can also be deleted. new states was added to Chevron script


    does this happen in sg-adapt.esp or sg-TEST.esp ?, it is because of new puddle animation states that changes several scripts (SG_Scr_activator SG_Scr_Vortex1 SG_Scr_VortexInstable)

    In good way you must use sg-adapt_2c, apply your changes and then, manually apply changes from sg-adapt_3


    sorry,probably i used replacer plugin for that mesh and forgot about it. this mesh used only Mezhchanus (?) so you can delete it


    the idea was: after player finds the Sunticah address, and trying to dial it, we will add journal entry like "gate won't accept seven symbol ... is this gate broken or address incorrect ... i must try it on another gate later ", so, when the player found Mezhchanus location and read notice, gate powering up and become ready to dial Sunticah address.

    when player travels through stargate to Sunticah he discovers that there are no dial device (it is important, because ancient use this place for meditation and it is another galaxy so it is trouble with new type of DHD and different gate addresses) After he read the book (illumination ?) and stands close enough to gate, gates opens by itself and suggest player last chance to leave this place.


    so i suggest ...

    first, decide will you use this scenario or you has your own (because since i have changed gate script, in my version, seven chevrons address can't be dialled)

    second, i can tell you how to manual apply changes for new puddle animation (because it is only this different in gate script of 2. and 3. versions )

  5. the main problem as i think: when you creating a whole new world, with a new storyline, not bounded with old plot, you are breaking connections between players and the things they love in old game, and in this case you have to offer them something more impressive then they have seen before. This task even harder to implement.

    For this cases you need to "grow up", and become game developer to make a new game.

  6. hi, Gray Wolf

    Because of four things:

    1 I have never seen Garry's mod in live (only on youtube)

    2 They have enough modders to do that even better then i am if they want

    (p.s yet, my model even with old effects looks better then others on youtube, imho )

    3 I think it will be useless (play on sandbox level, is it serious ?)

    4 Anyway i need have high charge of "enthusiasm" to do anything


    any "burning" crazy ideas ? :)

  7. Gray Wolf,

    quote "in time of great battle on the red mountain (between dwarfs and chimers)

    when nothing can save dwemers from defeat. In a chamber of Heart ,high lord Kagrenac used enchanted weapons to channel enough among of energy from heart to ancient device, called later stargate, to establish connection to another galaxy, and then teleported all dwemers through device" :wizard:


    ... "they used it as a temporary solution and planed to return back soon. but they not" ...


    assumed they already investigate stargate before, and know how to use it, also they have found exact location and adress of place to evacuate, before of incident



    ps "rant" ? again ? i don't remember last time i did :blink:

  8. Gray Wolf, there is a situation: in a good way there must be only one set of buttons (without names), but since sg1 /atlantis/ universe uses different types of glyphs lit (red/blue/white) it is complicate the task. (but i can always do button mesh already with these three colours and anims groups, and easily use it by slightly modifying original script)

    If you guys will include this dial device in your mod it is completely your choice (how to name or modify dial device buttons),anyway i will be pleased :)