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  1. Gray Wolf, so that is why i hate all this stuff with Z-weapon, L grenade and other thing. without this sg first idea (original film) with gods perfectly fits on Morrowind. and without Goaulds also. Ra is not Goauld.


    my first idea when i saw yours mod, was that Dwarves build their own stargate prototype (based on some outside info or excavations sites) and used in a time of war

  2. Confridín, yes you are right. problem is what i can't re-save original mod

    (it will broke it, and there are no sense because i am only altering original mod)


    cool, i finally got working version of Nif utilities for 3d max, and i am capable now of export/import things to do


    p.s you really mess with sunticah. First because eight symbol address lead us to an other galaxy, and second

    from there no longer possible dial standard 7-symb addresses in "Nirn" galaxy. No offense. i hope i will fix it soon

  3. thanks, and yes, i am glad to help your team.

    By the way i only corrected existed scripts so they work as much close to "real" stargate as i can


    p.s. i have very good 3d model of Stargate but without texture. i am hoping someone from your team can correctly map it and export to game. maybe not for mod but personally for me ?




    final chevron isn't correct, but back side of the gate made perfectly

  4. Hi all !

    i have been watching for this project for about two years,and I am glad that you guys finally made it.

    Since there are no any updates or translation or releases I made it by my own. I am using neither English version nor French so i think you will don`t mind. Because there are some problems to run this mod with other language localized versions, i made little patch (mini-mod) that allow us to run it (only tested on eng. and rus. ver) .




    * I made some enhancement in gate dialling mechanism ;) , so every symbol (dialed by dhd) on the Gate, moving to current chevron for locking process. also before locking, speed of gate rotation are dropping.

    * Some gate's sounds changes


    [** Versions below aren't compatible with game's main quest]





    * final chevron will not lock if address not exist

    * there are no more need pressing big red button on dhd

    * big red button on dhd now abort dial then pressed before home marker dial

    * no more seventh or eighth chevron address allowed without extra power

    ! note: home marker is last symbol in gate address (after locking home marker gate will refuse any other markers to dial), if it used twice or more - gate simply won't open.

    * fixed: original mod bug with sound (reset/abort dial, then ring is rotating )


    http://www.makpo.ru/f3/sg-adapt_3.rar updated (#4 24-12-09)

    ver 3.42 presumably for testing only


    * powering up stargate

    * improved stargate model (only replaced in one location - Sunticah)

    * gate's incoming animation and sound

    * fixed: original mod sound volume then ship prepares to enter hyperspace


    up1: update texture with gate symbols

    up2: chevrons are lit correctly now

    up3: retexturing

    up4: new puddle animation (scripts and mesh)

    _____unstable vortex has been modified


    http://www.makpo.ru/f3/Ouverture3.wav modified "gate opening" sound


    improved stargate model is available now


    Replacer mod link *** temporary deleted ***


    * sg-1 gates replaced with the latest version

    * gate's opening sound from the latest version

    * more qualitative video ( wormhole)




    Fast dial patch

    [New] http://www.file-upload.net/download-3027344/dial-sc-patch.txt.html

    To activate fast dial, press DHD activator button twice, and enter destination address




    i hope you will like it :)